Beef in Oyster Sauce

mushroomsCooked this tonight and Sean liked it so much, he said it made him never want to eat steak ‘the normal way’ again. High praise.

Having just discovered a really comprehensive Chinese supermarket round the corner from the flat, it was time to swipe a wok from my parents, order a copy of Chinese Food Made Easy and stock up on some sticky, tangy sauces.

This is Ching-He Huang’s recipe for beef in oyster sauce. I combined it with her tip for frying oyster mushrooms to go on the top. This is quite a dramatic way of having dinner: you lay out all your ingredients to start with, all meticulous and calm and organised, and then BLAM – smoke and sizzling and it’s all ready in about eight seconds.

beefSmother some steaks, cut into strips, (Ching-He suggests fillet; I used sirloin because I’m not a billionaire) in 1tsp light soy sauce, 1tbsp oyster sauce, pinch of sugar, salt, pepper. Set aside.

Toss three cloves of garlic and a medium chilli pepper, both finely chopped, briefly in 1tbsp of groundnut oil in a very hot wok. Chuck about 200g baby white-stemmed pak choi into the wok. Stir fry for one minute with 1 tsp oyster sauce and a pinch of salt mixed in.

Take the pak choi out and divide it between two plates. Chuck your beef in the wok with a bit more groundnut oil and sizzle for a minute or two until it’s done how you like it. Take it out and pile it on top of the pak choi.

Throw some sliced oyster mushrooms in your still-hot wok on a high heat with another tsp oyster sauce, 1tsp balsamic vinegar and some salt. Stir fry for a minute, then throw them on top of your beef. Serves two.

photo 3Yum.


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