cheeseWhat do you have for lunch? I’m eternally at a loss. Though I work mostly from home, I can never be bothered cooking anything in the middle of the day, getting the kitchen hot and steamy. I can just about bear to heat up half a carton of soup.

Lunch is a constant source of “Oh good grief, what NOW?” to me. But you know if you don’t bother with it, and eat nothing, you will find yourself trudging out to Tesco in a mid-afternoon daze, buying a whole pack of fun size Milky Ways and then inhaling them from the bag on the way home, wandering what the hell happened to your life.

And that gets boring. But so do sandwiches. Some days, it is all about cheese, crackers and grapes. A salty blue Stilton that smells seriously of slept-in beds, and the waxier, paler tang of a cloudy Manchego. I think S/S 13 is going to be the season of the picnic lunch in my house.